Kiwi Designer's Swiss Army Business Card Looks Good, But Isn't So Practical

Why is that everyone else has cooler business cards than you? Short of crafting one yourself that transforms into a fully-functional spaceship, it's unlikely you'll ever blow the pants of people with a hard piece of paper with your contact details on it. Unless you're Auckland-based designer Anthony Cole, who went to the trouble of making his business card double as a decorative Swiss Army knife.

I say "decorative", because despite being made of solid-looking cardboard, I doubt you'll be MacGyvering your way out of sticky situations with this particular novelty. Cole makes up for it by printing his pertinent info on each "tool", along with a couple of job-related buzzwords in case you forget what his skill set is.

I am now seriously thinking about what my next set of business cards will look like... and do.

[Behance, via DesignTAXI]

Photos: Anthony Cole

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