James May's Cars Of The People Is On Foxtel Tonight

Are you feeling the effects of the Top Gear drought? There's a few other shows that should catch your attention. One of those is Cars Of The People, TG host James May's look at cars that changed the world, built for the people by the people (or sometimes by power-hungry dictators).

Cars Of The People is a three part series, and the first episode premieres on Foxtel's BBC Knowledge tonight at 7:30PM. That's less than 24 hours after its UK airdate, so bravo to the guys at Foxtel (as usual) for bringing over popular content quickly. This — and a bunch of other TV shows, of course — is why I pay for Foxtel Play.

The Model T, the 2CV, The Fiat Cinquecento – history says these are the iconic Peoples’ Cars, but James May begs to differ, and in this three part series, he tells the story of the cars he believes are the true Cars of the People. As always, his choices will surprise and provoke car lovers everywhere. His journey takes him across mainland Europe to Russia and Japan, and in typical Top Gear style, there’ll be thrilling road tests, capers and challenges galore as James explores the astonishing true stories of triumph and abject failure that lie behind some of the world’s most popular vehicles.

If you don't have Foxtel, For The Love Of Cars on the ABC is well worth a watch, too. If you want to catch up, there are a couple of episodes still on iView. [Foxtel]

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