Is Samsung Gearing Up For Its Own Round Smartwatch?

Looks Like Samsung's Working on a Round Smartwatch Too

Hot on the heels of LG teasing its own Moto 360 smartwatch competitor, Samsung is reportedly working on its own rounded Gear device.

Sammobile reports the rumour, which doesn't have much more meat on it right now than the fact that they've "heard it's under development" with suggestions that we might see it a few months after the Note 4 officially launches. That's not a whole heck of a lot to go on, and in any case we've known that a round smartwatch is something that Samsung has poured some R&D money in to for some time now.

In the meantime, Samsung's allegedly also readying a SIM-ready version of the Gear smartwatch that may launch alongside the Note 4 and Samsung's Gear VR headset. [Sammobile]

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