Honest Trailers Nitpicks Its Way Through 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier'

Video: The first Captain America movie left a bit to be desired. Sure, it was a fun way to meet the First Avenger, but it wasn't what you'd call the best Marvel movie of all time. That puts it in stark contrast then to the sequel, which is actually freaking amazing. Honest Trailers thought so too, and was left in a something of a quandary when it came to criticising the film.

The guys over at Honest Trailers know that, at their core, most Hollywood movies suck. That's why Honest Trailers exists: to cut through the hype of normal trailers and show you exactly why a trailer might not be completely forthcoming with you.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier was a little tough, though. Because it's actually an amazing movie, Honest Trailers had to find some nitpicky stuff to criticise it for.

There are spoilers in this trailer. You were warned.

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