Hasbro's FanArt Collaboration Is Now More Than Meets The Eye

Hasbro's expanded its officially sanctioned fan 3D model printing setup to include a bevy of additional brands, including Transformers and Monopoly. You know, for all that derivative Rich Uncle Pennybags art you've been hiding from their lawyers.

When Hasbro announced that it was allowing fans to design, print and sell 3D models, it was focused around My Little Pony, but following the success of that initiative, it's announced that it's expanding out to other Hasbro properties.

It's still not a total free for all when it comes to printing your own Starscream (dammit!), but expands the possibilities for official derivative products. Interestingly, the bulk of the asking price for a derivative figure doesn't appear to go to Hasbro. MAKE reports that for a typical $US30 design, $6.50 goes to the artist, $3.50 to Hasbro and the rest to Shapeways who handle the actual 3D printing and shipping duties.


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