GoPro Finally Has A Dedicated Dog Mount

GoPro Finally Has a Dedicated Dog Mount

GoPros and dogs have always been a wonderful combination, but now the company has decided it's smart business too. The company has just launched the Fetch mount, which allows you to comfortably fasten two cameras to your canine pal.

The padded harness lets you mount a GoPro on your dog's belly and back, and is adjustable to fit dogs from 15 to 120 lbs. (You can remove the belly cam mount if your dog is adorably tiny.) It also features GoPro tethers, so even if your dog bounds around like a lunatic, you shouldn't lose your camera. You should, however, get some amazing dog PoV footage. The mount is available now for $US60. [GoPro]


    Great to see the Australia tax in action. US$59.99, or $120AUD. Great form,

    the price for go pro stuff is why i buy everything from overseas.

    a mount that was 30 in the states was 90 here, why 3x the price? no idea.

      I couldn't agree more, I managed to get a $50 gopro stick for $5 from Hong Kong,
      It does exactly the same thing and works a treat!
      I think it extends longer than the official one as well.

      Mind sharing some of the websites you get your gopro accessories from please? Google results are favouring local sites and Amazon won't ship gopro stuff to Australia.

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