Foxtel’s Triple Play Could Start With Price Cuts

Foxtel’s Triple Play Could Start With Price Cuts

The most common complaint about Foxtel is that it charges Australians way too much for access to its exclusive content. Reports indicate that the company is mulling price drops as it readies its broadband and telephony offerings.

The Age reports that Foxtel is about to launch a massive advertising campaign designed around a triple play of Pay, telephone and broadband services with offerings that cut the price of a standard Foxtel subscription below the $100 price point.

Foxtel’s talked about the provision of telephone and broadband services for a very long time now, and it appears that its offerings are imminent.

It’s going to be a busy time for Foxtel, with the IQ3 also due to launch in the second half of the year, well behind schedule. The article also suggests that a major revamp of Foxtel’s primary channels is on the cards to coincide with the push into triple play services.

There’s all sorts of unanswered questions here, because unless Foxtel’s willing to take a serious dive in actual profits it’s going to have to cram in broadband worth having at under $100 along with its Pay TV services while operating ostensibly under the Telstra umbrella — and Telstra isn’t exactly known for having competitively priced broadband offerings to begin with.

What kind of bundled Foxtel broadband deal, if any, would appeal to you?

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