Foreign Minister Julie Bishop Had Her Phone Hacked

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop Had Her Phone Hacked

At the height of the diplomatic and humanitarian crisis that was the MH17 disaster, it’s understandable that the Foreign Minister, Julie Bishop MP, would have been glued to her phone carefully negotiating access to the site. Upon her return to Australia, however, intelligence officials seized the device following reports it had been hacked.

Image: Spencer Platt/Getty

News Corp reports that the Foreign Minister’s phone was seized upon her return, adding that the investigation has already turned up likely suspects for the hack.

The phone was swiftly replaced, but neither the Minister’s office nor intelligence officials would be drawn on what the vulnerability actually was.

This isn’t the first time Julie Bishop has fallen victim to a hack. The Foreign Minister fell victim to a particularly nasty Twitter scam a few months ago.

Leave Julie Bishop alone, hackers. [Herald Sun]