Ford Is Bringing Its SYNC2 System To Australia

Ford Is Bringing Its SYNC2 System To Australia

Ford’s SYNC in-car entertainment platform has been looking a little long in the tooth of late. With tiny non-touch screens and a fairly rudimentary voice system by 2014 standards, it’s certainly in need of a spruce. Thankfully, Ford’s SYNC2 system is coming to Australia on a fast-track.

Ford Australia confirmed yesterday that SYNC2, originally announced at this year’s Mobile World Congress, is coming to Australia before the end of 2014.

Right now, SYNC has a rudimentary voice control system. Play this, call them, drive here. Nothing special, right? SYNC2 is doubling down on voice, allowing you to control damn near every system on your car. It breaks these systems into four different pages: Phone, Radio, Climate and Entertainment. Pretty much every setting in these four sub-systems can be controlled not just by your voice, but by natural voice commands.

Say you want a bite to eat on the road. Hit the voice button and say to your Ford, “I’m hungry”. The car then asks if you want something to eat near you or at another destination. Either answer will see the car access the in-built Michelin travel guide to tell you where the best places are to eat. Climate commands can also be inlaid using voice now too. “Set air-conditioning to 22-degrees” for example. “Increase fan speed”. That sort of thing.

It’s probably coming on a vehicle set to be announced before the end of the year, but Ford won’t tell us which one. Thankfully, we won’t have to wait long.

Luke Hopewell travelled to Melbourne as a guest of Ford.