Drone Crashes While Smuggling Weed Into US Prison

A Drone Crashed While Smuggling Weed Into a South Carolina Prison

These days, there's no need to stuff drugs up your butt to get them into a prison — you can just drop them in from your trusty drone. Unless you crash it, that is.

Reuters reports that wreckage of a drone has been found outside a maximum security prison, called the Lee Correctional Institution, in South Carolina. It's believed to have been used to smuggle phones, marijuana, and tobacco into the facility. The discovery of the crashed drone sparked an investigation that saw 28-year-old Brenton Lee Doyle. A search continues for a second suspect.

It's not the first time a drone has been used to smuggle goods into a prison, but it is perhaps the first time that someone has been incapable enough to crash them damn thing instead of delivering the payload. [Reuters via The Verge]

Picture: AP

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