Doctor Who Coming To Minecraft

Doctor Who Coming To Minecraft

BBC Worldwide has announced a skins pack for the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft to bring Doctor Who to the popular block building game. Which means, amongst other things, that there are now two good Doctor Who games.

The deal will see a $2.95 add-on pack available in September, featuring six doctors including current incumbent Peter Capaldi in block form, as well as the Daleks. Future skin packs will feature additional monsters and Doctors.

All of this is great news if you’re a Doctor Who fan, if only because the history of Doctor Who games is a sad spectacle, with a lot of games that only ever shifted towards average at best. Bringing Minecraft into the fold, even if only in a visual sense, brings the total of genuinely good games up to a disappointingly low two.

The original BBC Micro game was fair for its time but bafflingly weird, and the same is true of the C64/Spectrum/Amstrad “Mines Of Terror” game.

The less said about “Dalek Attack” the better.

Destiny of The Doctors wasn’t a good game, but at least Anthony Ainley’s scenery-chewing Master was fun.

As you shift into the 21st century and the new series, you might have thought that things would get better, with new games technology and a whole new lineup of doctors.

You’d be wrong. Doctor Who: Return To Earth and Evacuation Earth remain two of the worst games I’ve ever played, period. Return To Earth is one of the very few games I’ve advocated returning to landfill.

The BBC Adventure games were passable, but only just. Don’t get me started on Worlds In Time.

Minecraft Who should be quite good, because it is after all Minecraft.

Oh, that other “good” Doctor Who game? That’d be the 1992 Bally Doctor Who Pinball table. I still intend to own one of those things… one day.