CSIRO Cuts Researchers From Infectious Disease Lab

CSIRO Cuts Researchers From Infectious Disease Lab

We’ve all been sitting, waiting, watching for where CSIRO would cut the fat in its new, low-budget operating environment. Today some of those cuts are once again starting to shine through, with the CSIRO announcing that infectious disease researchers are heading for the door at a facility which studies — among other things — the newly-resurgent Ebola virus.

The jobs are being slashed from Geelong’s Australian Animal Health Laboratory, which is the only lab in the country capable of handling live samples of viruses like Avian flu, Hendra virus, Ebola and MERS. Up to eight research jobs are set to go according to the CSIRO’s employee union.

The job losses look set to be the latest in a line of deep cuts for the CSIRO which had tens of millions slashed from its operating budget earlier in the year.

The CSIRO will also cut back on its school outreach program and critical research into bowel cancer.