Confused Google Street View Driver Ignores Street Signs, Crashes

Confused Google Street View Driver Ignores Street Signs, Crashes

You’d think a guy driving a car with “Google Maps” written on the door would never get lost. But a Street View driver in Arkansas, US proved that user error knows no bounds, going the wrong way down a one-way street, busting an illegal U-turn, allegedly blowing a red light and hitting another car. Hope you turned the camera off, bud.

Arkansas Online brings us the sad series of events that ruined Google Street View driver Alexander Spurr’s Wednesday night. After heading the wrong way down Tyler Street in Little Rock, Spurr realised he was headed the wrong way and copped a quick U-ie. He tried to merge onto Cantrell Road, but instead merged right into the side of Dylan Case’s car. Case says the Google car even blew the stop light in the process.

Judging by the details of the story, we think this is the intersection in question. You’ll note the presence of a little grey arrow on Tyler Street, indicating it’s a one-way.

The whole fracas caused about $US3500 of damage to the two cars, and the way Case tells it to Arkansas Online, it was pretty harrowing.

I was just coming down Cantrell in the far right lane, and the guy just blew right through the stop light and hit me. I spun around into the middle of the road, and I always hold the emergency brake when I’m riding and I had to pull the emergency brake or another truck would have hit me head on […] Something better come out of Google’s pocket for this.

This probably wasn’t Spurr’s best day on the job, but hey: At least neighbours didn’t chase him down and try to perform a citizen’s arrest. [Arkansas Online via CNet]

Image: Ashley Nerbovig, Arkansas Online