Carry An Entire Video Studio Up A Cliff With The North Face's Charged Backpack

Sometimes you have to carry around a bunch of technology and use it wherever you are. That's hard enough, but keeping your electronic devices charged when you're in the middle of nowhere? That's harder. Filmmaker and rock climber Cedar Wright has to lug his laptop, hard drives and a heap of other video editing gear around and also scramble up cliffs at the same time.

The North Face's Router Charged backpack, which Wright uses, can hold a full 41 litres of gear — which in this case includes a MacBook Pro and charger, a couple of Thunderbolt hard drives, a Sony a7S mirrorless camera and lens, tripod, headlamp, headphones, extra batteries, a hoodie and heaps of other kit. What's most interesting about the Charged is that it includes an integrated Joey battery, which can charge smartphones and other device via USB or lithium ion batteries through its universal adapter.

Lifehacker had a great series called Hand Luggage Only back in 2009 that covered packing efficiently, but sometimes you've just got to lug around a heavy pack full of work gear — and for that task, the Router Charged looks pretty nifty. Unfortunately it looks like the Router Charged isn't available in Australia; of course, you could always buy a different North Face pack and sew in a Xiaomi 10400mAh battery. [The North Face]

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