Bolt, Instagram’s Crack At Snapchat, Is Out In Australia

Bolt, Instagram’s Crack At Snapchat, Is Out In Australia

Self-destructing media! Not exactly hitting Da Vinci-levels of innovation, but an intriguing enough concept going by the popularity of Snapchat. Instagram, the other heavyweight in the “must photograph everything and spam it to my friends” space, has released a competitor of sorts called “Bolt”. The roll-out however is being done gradually, with Australia the latest country to get access to the app.

Regardless of whether your device is Android or iOS-powered, versions are available for both platforms — free, of course. Going by the app’s description, it’s hard to say what it offers over Snapchat, but from the reviews we can tell you what it doesn’t have.

Reportedly Bolt is missing the ability to review photos and videos before you send them, which seems like a massive oversight. While you don’t have to sign-up to anything, you do have to use your phone number — some slightly less privacy-invading alternatives such as email, or even Facebook or Twitter would be nice. There’s also no draw function, so you’ll have to live with text for now.

Finally, for an app from Instagram, you’d expect filters would feature heavily. Nope (not that it’s a bad thing).

Still, if you want to give it a try, all you have to do is hit up the appropriate mobile software store front.

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