Awesome Guy With Superhuman Lungs Can Make A Hot Water Bottle Explode

Awesome guy with superhuman lungs can make a hot water bottle explode

Meet Brian Jackson, an 11-time Guinness World Record holder who's probably a mutant with the lungs of a giant. He can make those red hot water rubber bottles explode in 51.98 seconds. Those bottles need 77kg of pressure to blow up, so Jackson's breath is basically superhuman.

Jackson says doing one of these feats of strengths is like blowing up four car tires. It's totally silly and fun but it's also dangerous because there's nothing to stop the air from coming back into his lungs. Supposedly, multiple people have had their lungs explode because they couldn't control the airflow. Even Jackson got hurt. When he broke the world record it knocked him out, dislocated his jaw and separated his rib. Ouch.

So yeah. Don't try this at home. Leave it up to the guy with superhero lungs.

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