Australia’s Taxi Industry Is Throwing Shade At Uber Again

Australia’s Taxi Industry Is Throwing Shade At Uber Again

Another day, another bit of mud flung over the trenches in the taxi cab wars. Australia’s dominant taxi payments provider, Cabcharge, has had a bee in its proverbial bonnet for a spell about apps like Uber, gocatch and Ingogo. In a statement to our sister site, Business Insider Australia today, Australia’s incumbent taxi monopoly decided to throw its weekly dose of shade on app-based transport services. You know, just for a change of pace.

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Speaking to Business Insider, Cabcharge CEO Andrew Skelton said in a statement that his company was building apps long before “so-called innovators” entered the Australian market.

Here’s an excerpt:

Some app-based business are notorious for different and unpredictable charges at different times, and for taking up to 20% of the driver’s fare. To Cabcharge it’s about ensuring your people are safe and your expenses are controllable.

Cabcharge is constantly updating technologies and offers booking apps which are legal and accountable. In fact, apps like 13CABS, mTaxi and Silver Service have been available to Australians since 2009 and were built in-house at Cabcharge long before the so-called ‘innovators’ arrived.

Jeez. Sour grapes much?

Read the full statement on BI.

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