Amaysim Upping Data Allowances, Upping Prices

Amaysim Upping Data Allowances, Upping Prices

If you needed a carrier for cheap data and decent 3G speeds, Amaysim is still one of your best options. Now though, the carrier is upping the amount of data available to Unlimited plan customers while simultaneously upping the price of the service.

The Unlimited Plan used to include 4GB of data and the indicated unlimited calls and texts. That plan would have cost you $39.90 per month.

From 1 September, the price of the Unlimited Plan will go up to $44.90 per month, but will include an extra 1GB of data, bringing the total amount of data in the Unlimited Plan to 5GB, as well as the aforementioned free calls and texts.

The Unlimited Plan is the only offering that Amaysim will be changing from 1 September. The Flexi Plan will still only include 500MB of data, something the company says it’s comfortable with right now.

As far as 4G goes, Amaysim still isn’t comfortable introducing such an option into the market just yet. It says that doing so would still require a drastic revamp of its price structure.