All Rundle Mall's 'Pipe Guy' Needs To Make Music Is Thongs And PVC Pipe

If you frequent Adelaide's Rundle Mall, then "Pipe Guy" is likely old news, but for the rest of us, it's hard not to be amazed by a guy playing techno music with nothing by a unique instrument made of PVC pipe and a pair of thongs.

The talented musician / craftsman also goes by the name Jake Clarke and according to his channel's about section, the drummer of 10 years was inspired to build his creation after watching a DVD of the Blue Man Group.

The pipe set you see in the video is apparently just one of a few different models -- Clarke is "constantly experimenting" with ways of putting them together, including using a variety of scales.

If you like the cut of his pipes, here's a video of another performance:

[YouTube, via Geekologie]

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    No thank you, you talented mofo.
    It's all gold but when he kicks into that high tempo stuff it's incrediballs.

    now I have to wonder how the sound would change if he changed what the pipes were made out of, or used a different kind of thong

      This is actually a different to his original design, which is longer and had a deeper sound.

    That second video isn't another performance.. Its just a piece of the first video. You musnt have actually watched them huh

    He should of done doctor who. Brilliant



    Questacon had this as an exhibit almost 20 years ago, I remember using it as a kid.

    I remember an Australian group called Xylosax 20 years ago coming to arts festivals in NZ, and they had at least one "instrument" made up of plastic pipes like this only larger. It looks from online info, as if they disbanded in 1998. But there are photos and videos and recordings.

    This is an all new video with all new songs

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