ABC Will Simulcast Every New Episode Of Doctor Who

Fans of getting up early on Sunday mornings and Time Lords are in for a treat. On the back of the ratings for "Deep Breath", the ABC has announced it's going to simulcast every episode of the new season.

The ABC's claiming a five city average viewership of 148,000 viewers for yesterday morning's simulcast, another 710,000 viewers for the evening screening, and a further 62,000 plays via iView for a combined total estimated viewership of 1.175 million Australians.

It's announced that episode two, "Into The Dalek" will be screened simultaneously with the BBC broadcast this Sunday, and then again at 7:40pm at night, and the rest of the season will follow suit.

If anyone needs me, I'm going to be in the corner, weeping tears of joy.

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    dear foxtel,
    this is how you do it.

    My mum got up for the early morning screening - I waited for iView a few hours later - but tempted to get up each and every morning to support Auntie and her awesomeness.

    I got up early on Sunday, but don't think I will be doing that every week.

    I think it makes more sense to record the early screening and watch it at a reasonable time in the morning.

      Is the early Sunday morning episode broadcast in HD? (at least 720p) I know the iView version isn't, just wondering if the actual TV broadcast of it is.

        ABC1 is not HD, but better quality than iView.

    Ah goddamnit, I totally forgot. Now the decision, high quality of the high seas, or ABC or BBC iPlayer.

      depends. ABC iView is pretty passable quality on a decent connection. dunno about BBC.
      but its broadcast on ABC at 7.30 sundays (if you can wait that long) & that's just as good quality (if not better) than any torrent.

      or, if you're interested in paying for the 1080 version, its on iTunes & Google Play early Monday mornings.

        How do the iTunes and google versions work? No DRM? I don't have, and wont have any Apple or Google connected devices attached to my TV. Everything goes through the Xbox either through streaming apps or Plex/DLNA.

          yeah, both have DRM, so plex wont work. you could check around online to see if there's any way you can remove the DRM, but from what you described, I think the best bet is to just watch it when its on tv.

            I have the PS3 plugged into the HDMI in, so can use ABC iView or BBC iPlayer there, as well as Live TV through PlayTV.

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    If only the ABC was broadcast in HD. Ah well. At least they know how to bring content to Australia properly, unlike literally everyone else. It'll be interesting to see what effect, if any, this has on pirated episodes of Dr. Who in Australia. One would hope it'll result in a dramatic drop in the number of people torrenting. If it doesn't, then you can guarantee that Graham Burke and George Brandis will use it as an example of, "See? The content was available to you literally straight away for FREE and you still stole it!"

    That's how you treat fans, diehards can get up at a crazy time to watch it, its easily available to view during the day then shown in prime time for everyone else, HD would be great but prefer readily accessible in the end. Hope it does slow torrenting to show that people don't need to steal if the content is fair and reasonably available.

    I have no doubt that Foxtel is going to take Doctor Who off ABC (like it did the daily show and GoT off iTunes), so I am going to enjoy it while it lasts.

      The ABC has had a licensing deal with the BBC regarding Doctor Who for years now, so I don't think there is any chance of that happening.

    The ABC need to do away with the 24 hour news and give us shows in HD. There is enough news on FTA.

      And how can they afford to do that, seeing as their budget is getting slashed like rug prices in a rug store


    I'll DEFINITELY be getting up at 4:40am on Sunday for the next 12 weeks. Best start to a Sunday morning since forever. :)

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    If the ABC can do this, why can't Foxtel and Channels 7, 9 and 10?

      Oh they can. The question is, "Why would they want to?"

      And the answer? They just don't freaking care.

    Yesterday I found myself doing something that I hadn't done in years. Watching a TV show episode on actual TV, instead of torrenting it. I think if every channel did this with every show, the 'piracy' levels would drop drastically.

    Whelp, there goes my sleep parterns till november.

    Well it is a far cry from 1985 ABC TV week after week I was waiting for the new season of Dr Who Colin Baker was the new Dr Who The season never never came that year It took me 4 yrs to see 1985 & 1986 season of Dr Who Well Thank you DR WHO Fans I am seeing a episode of Dr Who at same minute as London people

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