A Second Windows 8.1 Update Is Coming (But Don't Expect Much)

A Second Windows 8.1 Update Is Coming (But Don't Expect Much)

Microsoft released a big update for Windows 8.1 at the start of the year, and it was thought that another would arrive soon. Now, it appears that the second update is going to be rather trivial.

Microsoft has published a blog post explaining that the new update -- which won't even be called Windows 8.1 Update 2 -- will bring a few minor updates. In fact, all we're promised at this point is some precision touchpad improvements, the ability to use PCs as a Miracast receiver, and a reduction in login prompts for SharePoint online.

That's... not a lot. An it probably also means that rumbling about a new Start Menu, which it was hoped would appear in a second update, are no longer arriving any time soon. Instead, such changes will likely appear in Windows 9, which is expected next year. [Windows Blog via Verge]


    Had to print from an email yesterday on my computer running Windows 8.1 and it was the most frustrating thing I have ever done. Printing from windows 7 was a simple affair that involved no more than right clicking and then clicking the print button. Why the hell did they change this for the abomination they call windows 8. Can't wait for windows 9 to arrive so I can rid my comp of this nightmare I have now.

      Ctrl-P didn't work?

        Yes in the end, that does work but it doesn't give you any opportunity to enlarge the area of the text you want printed.

          That's less to do with the system, more to do with the application sending the print information.

          The OS has only ever handled the print queue. Anything additional to that was application based.

      I'm actually not sure if your problem is with Windows or just the application your trying to print with. Right-clicking on a file and selecting print is up to the developers of an application to implement into the context menu when the application is installed.

      Printer configuration appears almost identical to me in Windows 8 as it does in Windows 7.

      I've got a feeling the problem might be something else here.

        It's just a gmail attachment and also when I get a list on an email. My son is coming up for a visit soon and he's right into computers, so I'll pick his brain about it. It's got to be easier than what I'm going through, so I'm thinking settings might be wrong. I've checked but couldn't find anything.

        Yeah, the actual print dialogs and everything are unchanged from 7. The difference is likely in printer drivers or support software for the printer either not being installed or not supported in 8.1. The reason for that is that Microsoft put a huge amount of work into improving their generic printer support in 8 such that most stuff works out of the box without needing to install clunky, bloated 100mb+ software from HP et al:

        So if there's missing features, it's because it's not an apples-to-apples comparison - Win7 you would likely have had some complicated software package from the manufacturer installed, and Win8 you have Microsoft's generic drivers which do all the basics but maybe not specific advanced functions.

      Or File > Print?

        I think file print just take me to a page that will save instead of printing.

          That's weird. Does it go straight to the save page or do you press print and then the save page appears?

          If the latter, Are you sure you aren't trying to use the XPS document writer as a default printer?

          Last edited 07/08/14 11:33 am

            The latter. I'll check it out. Thanks.
            I also find that my computer keeps losing my printer. It'll scan no problems but the printing part is just one big head f#ck. I've also updated the drivers but it doesn't make any diff. It's a new printer that works with cloud printing, so if I can't work it out, I'll just use it with my phone.

      Ha. Pretty funny how every reply has you trying to defend your accusations.

        Yeah but I'll take any information I can to make printing easier. It's basically the only thing I do on the computer.

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