A Replacement Cap That Turns Your Water Bottle Into A Super Soaker

A Replacement Cap That Turns Your Water Bottle Into a Super Soaker

Do you carry around a plastic Nalgene or Camelbak water bottle with you? Have you ever wished there was an easier way to soak a friend or co-worker with it? If you answered yes to both of these questions,, congratulations! You have a pulse, and you'll want to check out the Aquabot.

The Aquabot is a replacement cap for your bottle with a pump-action pressurizer that turns most popular models into a non-descript super soaker.

As with your average bottle of household cleaner, the twistable nozzle on the Aquabot can be adjusted to spray a mist, an 8m stream, or completely removed for a firehouse-like effect. And besides harassing others, the replacement cap has more practical uses like blasting dirt off dishes while camping, or extinguishing a campfire.

The Aquabot recently completed a successful round of crowdfunding on Kickstarter, raising considerably more than its $US15,000 goal. And if you've always lamented your company's strict 'no Super Soakers' policy, you'll probably want to send $US18 their way so you can finally sneak in this alternative — assuming it ever makes it past the crowdfunding stage. [Lunatec Gear]

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