A Farmer’s Terrifying DIY Guard-Bot Scares Off Bears With 25,000 Volts

Turkish farmer and amateur inventor Mustafa Karasungur cares more about protecting his crops from bears than basic safety. So using parts he could scrounge around his local town, he built a robotic sentry for his farm that terrifies bears and even shocks them with 25,000 volts of electricity. From this day on his pic-a-nic baskets are safe, but the locals aren’t sure they are.

Karasungur’s robot is completely devoid of any artificial intelligence or failsafes to ensure that it only attacks ursine invaders, and not humans. In fact, it simply roams the farmer’s property in large circles, waving its arms, turning its head, and glaring at anyone and everything with terrifying red glowing eyes. DARPA’s ATLAS might not have anything to worry about in terms of competition, but bears, friends, family, locals, even Karasungur himself will probably want to stay clear of the farm while this creation’s making its rounds. [9News via Damn Geeky]