13 European Dream Homes You Can Actually Rent

13 European Dream Homes You Can Actually Rent

It’s no secret that Europe is full of magical places. However, you’re probably never going to stay in Windsor Castle or sleep in Rapunzel’s tower. You might, however, enjoy a similar brush with a fairy tale thanks to this architecture-loving travel agency in Germany.

UrlaubsArchitektur translates simply as “holiday architecture”. And it’s a fitting name. The website is a one-stop shop for architecturally rich and historically relevant spots around Europe. The destinations run the gamut from converted castles with hip interiors all the way to modern palaces coated with solar panels. There’s even a strange sort of brutalist hobbit house in Switzerland. So without further ado, this is where you could be spending your next holiday.

Achtern Hus

This duplex comes with four total bedrooms in two separate but identical units. Although it’s designed to match the traditional architecture of northern Germany, it’s actually brand new construction and filled with the most modern amenities. Plus it’s kind of adorable — it even has a thatch roof!

Schloss Schmarsow

This 16th-century castle in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania is a real treat. It’s hard to tell if the best part is the classic dark wood accents or the simple fact that this place is definitely haunted.

Wasserturm Waren

Remember the bit about Rapunzel’s tower? I’m pretty sure this is it. The century-old water tower is filled with curiously Bauhaus-inspired cabinets and comes with a great view from the top. Obviously, you’ll have to take a spiral staircase to get there.


This old farmhouse comes with sheep inside. I repeat: this old farmhouse comes with sheep inside.

The Urban Treehouse

When travelling through Europe’s great capitals, it’s not often you get the opportunity to sleep in a treehouse. But in Berlin, you can! This lofted cabin on the edge of the Grunewald forest is isolated enough to feel like a getaway but close enough to walk to local restaurants and bars.

Hofgut Hafnerleiten

Do you like windows and sunshine and nature and grass? You’re going to love this Bavarian getaway with themed houses. One has an ecosystem on the roof!


These so-called “wine houses” aren’t exactly palatial, but they are cute. They’re part of a winery extension in a village on the Mosel River and are designed to blend in with the classic stone architecture. You can see the vineyards from your bed.


This Alpine escape in Tyrol sort of looks like it might take off and fly away. Positioned on a hillside next to a classic farmhouse, the name is actually a blend between “UFO” and “vogel,” the German word for bird. It looks like part of each, inside and out.

Casa Olivi

How about a little bit of Italian luxury? The rustic farmhouse with an infinity pool concept seems a little bit cliché, but admit it: It also seems a little bit awesome. Especially when the property is covered in olive trees.

Villa Vals

This is the Brutalist hobbit house mentioned earlier. Built into a hillside and virtually invisible from all angles, the villa offers insane views of the Swiss Alps on the outside while showcasing some cutting edge interior design on the inside. You even have to take a secret tunnel to access the house, because everything is better with a secret tunnel.

Alemanys 5

This urban getaway in Girona, Spain may look a little plain from the outside, but it’s a dream inside. With two separate units sleeping a total of ten people you get the thrill of sleeping in a medieval village as well as the comfort of sleek, contemporary design.

Appartementvillen Aradira

For some reason, this mountainside of modular apartments in Austria summons up images of A Clockwork Orange. But not in a creepy way! It’s oddly futuristic and, well, just odd in its own charming way.

Chromatic Dream House

If you like colours, you’ll love this bold but simple house in Portugal. The minimalist interior is hidden behind a 19th-century façade, and it’s just understated enough to be tasteful, while still being unique enough to get featured in design magazines.

Pictures: UrlaubsArchitektur