Watch The Walking Dead Season Five Trailer Shown At Comic-Con

The Walking Dead may be airing in Australia within half an hour of the US thanks to Foxtel's wheeling and dealing, but for some reason the new trailer for the fifth season released at Comic-Con isn't officially available in Australia just yet. Here's where you can watch it.

The official The Walking Dead season five trailer isn't available in Australia on AMC's official YouTube channel, neither is it on local rights-holder Foxtel's. Because of that, we have to fall back on an unofficial source. We've asked Foxtel whether it'll host an official version of the trailer, and we'll update this post if and when this becomes available.

The Walking Dead And More has the trailer (in reduced resolution and with annoying graphics; blame YouTube's censors) released over the weekend at Comic-Con in San Diego. I won't spoil it for you, but expect gunfire, zombies and crazy humans killing each other. If it even roughly follows the themes of the graphic novel, this season of The Walking Dead should be pretty awesome. [YouTube]

Update: here's the official FX TV clip!

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