Watch The US Marines' New Self-Driving Car Navigate A Battlefield

While we've all heard about Google's silly-looking self-driving cars. But did you know that the military's been working on own autonomous vehicles of its own? Honestly, it's no huge surprise that soldiers would want this technology too. It sure does look badass though.

The US Marines recently uploaded a video of their new self-driving car, the Ground Unmanned Support Surrogate (GUSS). We've heard about this vehicle before, but now it's being tested on a simulated battlefield at the Marine Corps Warfighting Lab in Oahu, Hawaii. Even though it sort of looks like a World War II-era Jeep on the outside, the GUSS can drive itself or work by remote control. It can also, presumably, scare the pants off Google's cutesy creation.

Watch the Marines' New Self-Driving Car Navigate a Battlefield

Meanwhile, the IS Army appears to be building Optimus Prime. Better us than them! [Awesomer via AiirSource]

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