Tropfest Wants You To Make Your Own Super-Short Film With Vine

Tropfest Wants You To Make Your Own Super-Short Film With Vine

Fancy yourself a short-film maker? Tropfest wants you to prove it with a new ultra-short film contest featuring six-second vine movies.

It’s called Tropvine, and it’s exactly what it sounds like: the organisers of Tropfest want you to make six second videos following in tandem with the short-film festival.

All you do is make a Vine video inspired by this year’s Tropfest Signature Icon, which this year is “mirror”.

Tropfest has put together a six step guide on how to enter:

1. Download the Vine app
2. Make an original, 6 sec Vine film, inspired by the Tropfest Australia 2014 [Tropfest Signature Icon] “MIRROR” and tweet it to @TROPFEST using the competition hashtags #tropvine and #mirror
3. Follow @TROPFEST on Twitter. This isn’t a ploy to get more followers, we promise! It’s just the only way we can contact you should your Vine film become shortlisted!
4. Once you’ve tweeted your film to @TROPFEST, it will be moderated by the Trop team before appearing here on this page. Once it’s live, we’ll Direct Message you with a link to your film.
5. Start sharing your film with the world!

The 20 most popular Vines (according to a public vote) will be entered into the competition to win a prize pack from Nikon, flights and accommodation to attend Tropfest, as well as a lunch with the good folk from Twitter Australia.

Do you have what it takes to be the next big thing on the small, small screen? [Tropfest]