Traders Selling Dodgy Chargers Raided By NSW Authorities

Traders Selling Dodgy Chargers Raided By NSW Authorities

Dodgy chargers have already killed one woman and injured a child in New South Wales, and the government has had enough: rogue traders selling uncertified chargers are in the crosshairs following hundreds of raids on business owners.

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The New South Wales Department of Fair Trading has executed raids on around 230 businesses, seizing 80 unsafe chargers in the process.

Undercover officers are also mystery shopping prominent markets in the Sydney area to weed out those selling the uncertified chargers.

Two business owners allegedly caught selling the chargers are facing charges over the chargers, with penalties including $87,000 in fines and a possible two-year jail term.

The dangers of these uncertified chargers have been exposed for the world to see in the last few weeks, with one woman killed after using a third-party USB cable she got from a third-party accessories kiosk in Sydney.

The young woman was found dead wearing headphones and holding her laptop, with burns on her ears and chest that suggest an apparent electrocution.

A 14-year old boy survived a similar incident after a charger reportedly exploded while plugged into his wall. Said charger was purchased from Sydney’s Paddy’s Markets for just $10.

It ended up burning the wall and shorting out power sockets all over his house as a result of the explosion.

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