This US Restaurant Might Have The Best Bread And Butter In The World

This restaurant might have the best bread and butter in the world

The bread and butter at US restaurant Razza Pizza Artiginale is made by James Beard Rising Star Chef semi-finalist Dan Richer. He's the chef behind the restaurant, and might be more obsessed with bread and butter than any person on the planet. This video shows how he made his restaurant's bread and butter the most delicious.

It's just bread and butter, you say. Sure. But when you eat something so simple that's so damn good, it can make you re-evaluate all your previous life decisions. That's what this bread and butter does to people.

Richer's enthusiasm for his bread and butter is infectious. He treats it like sushi chefs treat sushi. He says it's the favourite thing he's ever done. And the way he talks about cream, fermentation, and the pigmentation of the colour of the butter, I totally believe him.

Razza Pizza Artiginale is in New Jersey. I want to go.

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