This McLaren Sports Bike Will Set You Back $20,000

This McLaren Sports Bike Will Set You Back $20,000

Supercar-manufacturer McLaren don’t exactly make bargain-basement products. In truth, they make some of the most technically accomplished cars in the world. For those who can’t afford the likes of the McLaren P1, you might consider two wheels instead? Specifically the new S-Works McLaren Tarmac Bike which will cost you an eye-watering $20,000.

The Tarmac was developed in tandem with a company called Specialized who work with McLaren to develop racing bikes.

Specialized worked with McLaren to use the same carbon fibre material you find on the hybrid P1 hypercar, and shed further weight from the frame by redesigning the frame and front wheel fork.

The Tarmac was even built in the same factory where McLaren makes some of its best work: the Special Operations Center it has in Surrey, UK. Only 250 of the bikes will be made for people around the world, and every single bike will be made to measure.

With all the fine materials and meticulous engineering work that went into the Tarmac, it’s no great surprise it costs $20,000. Considering you’re spending a packet with the company to buy the bike, McLaren and Specialized at least want you to match, so they’ll throw in a bespoke pair of S-Works Road Shoes and a custom helmet.

When you do the maths per wheel, however, you find that the Tarmac is still cheaper than getting even a used McLaren MP4-12C, so technically you’re coming out ahead, right?