This Backpack Has An Emergency Raincoat That Deploys Like A Parachute

Designed for motorcycle riders and cyclists who quickly need to protect themselves from a sudden downpour, the Funnell backpack actually looks useful to anyone who commutes without a car. With a quick tug on a couple of straps, a full-on raincoat deploys from the top of the backpack, keeping both the wearer and the pack itself protected and dry.

The jacket features heat-sealed zipper seams and a cinch-able hood, so it’s going to keep the wet stuff locked out while worn. And, when you arrive at your destination, the backpack features a separate pocket where you can stuff the wet raincoat complete with drainage holes at the bottom so water can drip away.

Unfortunately, the Funnell backpack is starting life as a Kickstarter project, so it will be a while — if ever — before you can get your hands on one. You can reserve one for yourself right now with a donation of $US188, or if you’re extra patient you can wait and see if the Funnell’s creators reach their funding goal and are able to put the pack into production. Until then, you’ll just have to monitor your local forecast and always dress accordingly like some Neanderthal. [Kickstarter – Funnell via Inhabitat]