This Aussie-Made Pregnancy App Is Meant For Guys

Who's Your Daddy? That's the name of an Australian-made pregnancy app that's meant to help out first-time dads with everything they need to know about their partner's pregnancy.

There are loads of pregnancy apps, trackers, guide books designed for women, but Who's Your Daddy? is meant to be a guidebook for blokes.

It gives you daily tips about things like mood swings and cures for morning sickness, weekly tips about how big your baby is compared to a bottle of beer (for example), a checklist for your hospital bag, a contraction counter and pre-loaded key dates timeline.

It's designed for iPad and iPhone and available on the store right now. [Who's Your Daddy?]



    not designed for ipad

      Ipad is not very handy during meetings with gyn your wife talking childbirth etc...Iphone is what you need!

        I disagree. An iPad mini (or any smaller tablet) is much better to take notes and read information than the miniscule screen of an iPhone.

        I've taken an iPad Mini to every appointment my wife and I have had this year. Its been my go-to accessory - I only wish I'd bought one a few years ago.

        Last edited 25/07/14 10:26 am

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