An Augmented Reality Windshield Tells You How To Take A Racing Line

Land Rover’s windshield experiments have already been pretty impressive — remember the concept that would make your car’s bonnet appear transparent to make it easier to avoid potholes? But what if you’re on a silky-smooth race track, looking to perfect your performance?

That’s the focus of the auto manufacturer’s latest concept. Just like a video game’s HUD system, it would beam race data, including speed information and lap times, onto the windshield, alongside a racing line that would show you the most efficient route around a course, such as when to brake or accelerate. It’d even include a ghost car option, allowing you to race against your personal bests or great track performances, making it the perfect training tool for pro drivers.

With driver’s attentions to the road paramount, Land Rover is looking at using eye-tracking technology to position data only at comfortable points on a windshield. The company is also looking into replacing wing and rear-view mirrors with virtual displays. [DNA]

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