There's A Surface Mini Case For Sale On Amazon For Some Reason

When Microsoft called the press together for a "small" gathering a month ago, we all thought it was time for a Surface Mini. Instead, we got a Surface Pro 3, which is even better! Turns out nobody told a solemn case manufacturer on Amazon: which is "selling" a $10 Surface Mini cover.

We say "selling", mostly because it's fair to assume that Vostrostone hasn't sold a single one of these cases.

It's very similar to an Apple Smart Cover, and features a Lenovo 8-inch tablet as a representation of what the Surface Mini might have looked like.

It's not unexpected to see a case manufacturer to jump the gun on an unannounced product. Having accessories ready quickly after a new device launch is important for early adopters. It's just unfortunate in this instance that the gun was jumped for a race that wasn't even being run! [Amazon]

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