The Weird Pattern On This Girl's Eyeball Is From An Airbag

The Weird Pattern On this Girl's Eyeball Is From an Airbag

Airbags certainly do save lives, but getting hit in the face at 200 mph — even by a bag of air — is not without its consequences. A teenage girl in Michigan got a real eyeful when an inflating airbag actually left its mesh pattern on the surface of her eye.

In this case, the airbag inflated so fast that she didn't even have time to blink. As the nylon fabric of the airbag slammed into her eyeball, it imprinted its canvas pattern on her right eye (A in the photo above) and tore the surface of her left (B). Doctors examined her injuries using a fluorescent dye that shows scratches on the cornea under blue light.

The Weird Pattern On this Girl's Eyeball Is From an Airbag

The girl's injuries actually healed after a couple of weeks, and her eyesight was totally unaffected. But there are rare, unfortunate cases where the retina detaches or eye tissue ruptures and patients can even go blind. Most eye injuries from airbags are ultimately rather minor, and the consequences of not using an airbag are usually far worse. Just try to shut your eyes before the airbag inflates. You usually have, oh, about 0.04 seconds. [New England Journal of Medicine via LiveScience]


    As this was USA, she probably wasn't wearing a seatbelt. The American airbags have a faster deployment to counteract this, hence more people die from airbag impacts there than here in Aus.

      are seatbelts not compulsory in america or something?

    It gets worse..
    the plastic cover the bag is underneath gets embedded in your skin
    if you wear hard/gas permiable contact lens, they get embedded in your eye
    if you wear glasses/sun glasses the hinges and lens glass/plastic rips your face to bits
    your ear drums get burst
    your face gets burnt
    your hands get blown off the steering wheel with one being smashed and broken agains the window and makes you loose control of the car you were previously steering...
    my first action upon buying a new car is to disconect the drivers bag

      So did you get your kids vaccinated?

        no, they went to get the infections naturally ... good olde fashioned mumps measels and chicken pox parties like my grandmar used to do

          Just as I thought, you're an ignorant nutjob who shouldn't even be on the road, let alone have kids.

            Really.. Please explain.. No doubt you are one of those expert drivers I encounter on a daily basis who pull out in front of you at junctions with out even checking... Or think its clever to sit in your blind spot.. Or turn and look at your passenger as you talk.. Or constantly fiddle with your mobile or talk/text on your mobile.. Or worse, the "i can drink and drive home ok if I'm just having a few" matcho heros...

              Actually I'm not, but that's the point. You could be the best driver in the world, but that's still not going to stop some other idiot breaking the rules and running into you. The only thing you're in control of is your own car, no one else's. By your own reasoning, you shouldn't even be wearing your seatbelt either, because you're never going to have an accident, right?

                Sorry you dont get the point do you.. its not about being the best driver in the world its about 1 simple thing... Good Lookout...
                being aware of your surroundings.. using your eyes.. concentrating on what is going on around you is what stops you from having an accident.

      Okay, well if you have a major crash and get slammed into the steering wheel because you disabled a device designed to reduce injury in such a case, I hope you won't be complaining. I sure hope you still live, though.

        Thats not a situation that I would put myself in the first place. Believe it or not, you can drive without having an accident. They are not inevatable, but the consequence of your lack of understanding (and concentration) on what the consequences of your actions are and the way you are driving in the first place, in relationship to the road and environment you are driving in.

          That's fine so long as everybody else is doing the same thing, but I've had plenty of patients who were doing the right thing, who were good drivers, but were cleaned up by somebody who wasn't doing the right thing, and had no time to react.

          You're remarkably short-sighted to believe that you'll be in control of every situation on the road that you'll ever come across.

            "but I've had plenty of patients who were doing the right thing" - obviously not doing the right thing then. Not short sighted at all, I am just aware of what I am doing, and dont assume that someone else will be. Maybe it is you who needs to re-evaluate how you live your life. And yes, I am in control of every situation, because I choose not to take a decision that takes that control out of my hands. Perhaps you should as part of your treatment of your "good drivers" remind them how soft and squidgy they are. Give me an example of a patients accident where they believed they were in the right when they had an accident....

              How about someone driving through a green traffic light, and then another driver runs their red light and crashes into them. That seems like an obvious example of someone being in the right when they had an accident.
              Only a fool thinks they're in control of every situation.

                So you dont look across the intersection then to see if there is another car coming.. I do that as a matter of instinct, because more often than not its usually a cop jumping a red light. Its called defensive driving. You put yourself in control by being aware of whats going on around you.

          Go ride a motorbike for a month if you really want to change your attitude about how much everyone else on the road is paying attention...

            Did you really write this today? I swear I have read this exact same conversation before, I don't know if its really weird deja vu or not

          What a dangerously (for you) arrogant attitude. There are some factors and incidents which are literally beyond your control - particularly at freeway speeds (unless you drive around at 40kmh on those, thus making yourself a hazard).

            Here in the UK we typically drive between 70 and 90 mph on our freeways. in 48 years of driving at these speeds Ive not had even a near miss... why? Because I am aware of what is going on around me, not just react to the car in front. Perhaps you would like to list the factors and incidents which are literally beyond your control you believe that you cannot avoid.

          Hold on a sec. If your not going to crash why both removing the airbag?

            ... because I dont particularly like the idea of something explosive in front of my face irrespective of whether or not it will go off in any circumstance. If you choose to drive around oblivious to your environment and rely on your cars safety features to protect you, fine by me. Tell me how you'll survive a side impact because you couldnt be bothered to look as you drive across a junction because the lights were green.

      I'd rather have my face burnt, ripped up by my glasses and hands broken than to have my skull smashed into a million little pieces.

      Yeah, it's all a conspiracy! Air bags are actually installed to cause greater injury than the crash itself. They have never been tested & there is no science behind them.

        or you could just not drive like an A$$ and not have the accident in the first place..
        Volvo did a study a while back where they gave drivers cars with out seat belts and air bags.. they drove far more consistantly and safely that with..

      That escalated from reasonable to crazy pretty quickly. If your airbag is going off, you're clearly not in control anymore because you just hit something. I've also had an airbag hit me while wearing glasses, launched them into the rear window mangling the glasses, didn't hurt me though.

      The worst part is the talcolm like dust in them to keep them from sticking to themselves, I was itchy, skin and eyes, for a week. That and the ringing ears.

      Can you tell me the supplier for your tin-foil hats?

      And where is the scientific, peer reviewed, published medical evidence to back this up with?

      I dont see whats wrong with this. By the time the drivers airbag deploys he wont be able to operate the car so if he dies either way there is no issue to other people. Its only the driver side one as well. May as well let nature decide.

      sorry to say, but you are an idiot.

      i feel sorry for your kids...

        My "Kids" are fine thanks. My eldest is 32 and my youngest is 28 (I have 3). They all have done well for themselves too, all passed their UK driving tests first time (and advanced driving too) All are active club ralley drivers (as I am), all ride motor bikes and mountain, all are glider pilots and hold PPL's. All are as involved and interested in various "danger" sports as their Dad. All are as observant as their Dad.

        If being aware of what others are doing is being an idiot then I am quite happy with that. Which is why I am the one usually who pulls up at an accident and pulls out my first aid bag and listen to the whining excuses... he pulled out in front of ME... But i was indicating... But I had the right of way... I could write for hours if you really want on the excuses people make for why an accident wasnt their fault but the other persons.. It takes 2 to have an accident.. one to present the conditions for an accident to occur, and the second to not notice those conditions developing.

    Still beats going through a windscreen and/or death.

    So what's the first rule of thumb when rally drivers get in a car?? And aren't they all very experienced and better than the average drivers?

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