Smart's New ForTwo Can Survive A Head-On Crash With A Car More Than Twice Its Weight

Small cars are unsafe, right? Not so much. As part of the launch buzz for the new Smart ForTwo, the guys at Daimler have released a video showing how the little city car fares when it collides at speed with a much, much larger vehicle.

The 2016 Smart ForTwo — it'll go on sale, at least in the US, in late 2015 — is a pleasantly light (and presumably quite chuckable) 1124kg, but its 'tridion' passenger safety cell stands up perfectly (to the naked eye, at least) when the new city car comes up in a 50 per cent head-on collision with a mid-2000s 2308kg Mercedes Benz S-Class. Hopefully this puts paid to the myth that a new, small car is less safe than an old, large one.

It might not be the most attractive small car out there — that honour goes to the Abarth 500 — but there's something I really like about the new Smart ForTwo. For one thing, it finally has a proper five-speed manual 'box, instead of the apparently clunky automated manual of the old car. That combined with the rear-engined, rear-wheel-drive architecture and super-short wheelbase should make for a fun little car.

Smart's new city cars aren't a surefire thing for Australia, though. The Motor Report says that the brand's parent company is still weighing up the business case for selling locally. [Jalopnik]

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