Insane Theme Park Ride Cuts The Safety Rope And Sends You Into A 100-Foot Free-Fall

Roller coaster cuts the safety rope and makes people plummet 100 feet

Video: Here's an insanely scary theme park ride for those who need to feel like they're close to dying in order to feel like they're living: the Sky Tower in Tivoli Friheden in Denmark. The ride isn't a ride at all but actually a fall. That is, the safety rope you're connected to cuts off and you free fall from a 100 foot tower at 88kph down to the ground. For fun.

The sensation of free falling to the ground from a 100 feet in the air with no safety rope or parachute attached to you has to rank in the top 10 for scariest feelings ever. Your life would definitely flash before your eyes and the seconds it takes to hit the net probably feels like hours.

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