Pimp Your Tesla Model S With This Unplugged Performance Body Kit

Buying a Tesla Model S? (Yes, me too, with that invisible pile of money over there.) If being one of the chosen few with an electric supercar wasn't enough already, you can now be truly individual, with a Californian tuning house showing off its racy carbon fibre body kit for the Model S.

Image credit: Teslarati

The Tesla Motors Club conference, TMC Connect, has just wrapped up in California. One of the star attractions was from Unplugged Performance, the "world's first Tesla tuning company". Enthusiast site Teslarati <a href="Pimp Your Tesla Model S With An Unplugged Body Kit">snapped some great photos of some of the tuner's various body kit options on a grey Model S, including a sweet matte carbon fibre rear spoiler and front diffuser.

While the Model S isn't exactly an unlovely vehicle in the bare flesh, this kit does look nice. Want one in Australia? We've gotten in touch with Unplugged to ask about the potential of shipping the body kit and any other upcoming goodies to our shores — we'll let you know as soon as we hear back. [Teslarati]

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