Our Favourite Android, iOS And Windows Phone Apps Of The Week

Our Favourite Android, iOS And Windows Phone Apps Of The Week

It’s the weekend, and you know what that means: Time to download some sweet new apps! Here’s the best of what came out this week for your Android, iPhone or Windows Phone.

Multi-Platform Updates


Worried about privacy? You probably should be. Wiper is an end-to-end encrypted app that lets you text or call in total privacy — the free app doesn’t store any data, and it tells you if the person at the other end has read or even taken a screenshot of the text or photos you’ve sent. If you really want your conversation to disappear, just hit “Wipe”, and watch an eraser glide across your entire conversation, deleting it forever. [Android] [iOS]


You probably snap a million photos walking around with your smartphone. Why not get paid for them? Stock photography company Dreamstime’s new free app lets you upload your snapshots, tag them with descriptions, offer them for sale, and track your earnings and the ways your images are used. [Android] [iOS]



Notific gives you lockscreen notifications for whatever apps you deem necessary, with all the interactive options of your notifications shade — meaning you can, say, reply to a text or call the sender, right from the lock screen. Even more handy, it uses your Android’s proximity sensor to figure out when the phone is in your pocket, so it doesn’t needlessly light up your screen — unless you pull your phone out within 10 seconds of the notification. [$1]


You know how I love muscular little apps that do one thing and do it well. ShortPaste is just that sort of app: copy a URL from Chrome, YouTube, Newsstand or whatever, and when you go to paste it will automatically show up as a pre-shortened bit.ly or goo.gl URL. Short, sweet and to the point. [Free]


UP by Jawbone

If you wear a Jawbone UP or UP24 fitness tracking wristband, this week’s app update packs some seriously useful new nutrition-tracking features. Set and track your progress to goals for weight management and calories eaten and burned, and log the amount and variety of food you eat. The app is smart enough to recognise restaurant menu entries, common pairings and the things you eat most frequently, and the Food Score gives you an easy-to-understand rating for the overall healthiness of your meal. Maybe don’t look at that rating when you’re indulging in a cheat meal, though. [Free]


Tracking weather predictions is nearly an obsession for some folks. If that’s you, quit trying to juggle a bunch of weather apps and go download Climendo. It shows the prediction for five different services, averaging their predictions and telling you the probability that those predictions come true. It even tells you which service has been historically most accurate in your area, so you know exactly who to trust. [ $1.39]

UpTo Calendar

Robustly updated this week, UpTo gives you a normal calendar view up front, with a back layer that includes calendars based on your location, your interests, and the places you spend time. Schedule an event, and select exactly whose calendars you want it to show up on — friends, family, coworkers, etc. This week’s update adds a TV calendar to the back end, letting you search all nationally airing TV shows from nearly 100 channels so you never miss out on this week’s episode. [ Free]

Windows Phone


Quick and easy, Clipr lets you snip the foreground out from a photo and merge it with a different background, whether that’s another pic you took or something different entirely. [ Free]