New Vodafone Plans Give You Two Months Of Virtually Unlimited Data

New Vodafone Plans Give You Two Months Of Virtually Unlimited Data

The hardest thing about signing up for a phone plan these days is figuring out just how much data you’re going to use on your plan. Vodafone wants to make it easier to figure that out by releasing new 4G plans with extra data, and by giving users two months free from the shackles of excess data charges so you can figure out just how much you’re going to use on your plan.

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It’s a new feature called “Data Workout”, and funnily enough, it’s used to help you work out how much data you’ll need.

Data Workout will allow you to use as much data as you like on the first two months of your plan so you can start to see a pattern develop. Vodafone will then reach out to the customer at the end of the two month period and configure the data pack and plan appropriately so users don’t fall victim to bill shock (*dramatic music*). It’s worth pointing out, however, that Telstra has had a similar feature in market for a few months now.

Vodafone is also offering more data on its revised Red plans, making them some of the best value going around.

Vodafone has eliminated the $65 Red Plan to make way for the new $70 Red Plan. Don’t despair, however: that $5 gets you much better value over the 24-month contract. The $65 plan came with infinite calls, infinite text messages and 1.5GB of data, whereas the new $70 plan doubles the data allowance up to 3GB and also provides the same “infinite” inclusions. That means on the $70 tier across all three major carriers, Vodafone now offers the most data for your money. Telstra offers 1.5GB for your $70, while Optus throws in 2GB for $60.

Vodafone is also increasing data across two of its larger plans, too. The $80 Red plan used to include 2.5GB of data and now includes 4GB, while the $100 Red plan used to come with 5GB of data but now comes with 6GB. Both the $80 and the $100 plan have also had their international call allowance bumped up to 300 minutes per month.

Even if you go over these new, bumped up data rates, Vodafone will allow you to spend just $10 to top up your plan with an additional 1GB of data for the month.

Check out the full list of plans on Vodafone’s website. [Vodafone]