New Kinect For PC Arrives July 15 (And The Hacks Not Long After)

New Kinect for PC Arrives July 15th (and the Hacks Not Long After)

Microsoft has announced that the Xbox One's Kinect sensor will be available for PCs from July 15 — and it will usher in a whole new wave of fascinating and useful hacks.

Cast your mind back to when the first Kinect became available for PC, and you'll remember a sudden explosion of cool and crazy hacks that made use of its sensors. But this time the new Kinect for PC — which will be virtually identical to the One's — features a higher fidelity sensor with a 1080p camera, larger field of view and better skeletal tracking.

In other words, those hacks are going to get cooler and crazier — and Microsoft already knows it. As a result, it's listened to developers wants, including reduced latency and improved finger tracking, and rolled them into the new release. With improved accuracy, applications for the new device could range from robotic sight to remote surgery, and practically anything in between.

From July 15, you can bet developers everywhere will be toying with one of these things. If you want to join in, it will cost $199 in Australia. You can preorder now. [Microsoft]

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