NBN Fibre Will Be In Apartments By September

Another step forward for the NBN — within a couple of months, a small-scale trial of NBN Co's fibre to the premises service for apartments and office blocks will be available in a half a dozen areas where NBN competitor TPG is offering its own NBN equivalent.

According to iTnews, NBN Co will be ready within two months to roll its fibre to the premises product to individual apartments in areas where technology rival TPG is building its own fibre network, effectively bettering its competitor out with unrestricted access to fibre broadband services offered by a multitude of ISPs.

The Telstra Wholesale list of NBN Co's rollout schedule shows a September 24 Ready For Service date for areas like Docklands in Melbourne, Victoria and Fortitude Valley in Brisbane, Queensland where TPG's fibre to the basement build has already commenced construction. TPG said in September last year that it would choose "lucrative areas" to build its own competitor network to the NBN, and NBN Co's response comes almost exactly one year after that statement.

This rollout is only for a fibre to the premises rollout, running optical fibre cable to individual apartments — a more widespread and mass-market fibre to the basement service will reach the final stages of its testing in December of this year, and ISPs could begin offering FTTB services from January 2015. It's another step forward in an increasingly stratified and convoluted rollout that is slowly evolving to become the Liberal government's multi-technology mix. [iTnews]

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