NBN Co To Start FTTB Installations In 2015

NBN Co To Start FTTB Installations In 2015

NBN Co is now in a foot race TPG to see who can roll-out a fibre-to-the-building/basement network first: will it be the plucky ISP, or the government’s-own monopoly? NBN Co has issued a new product roadmap showing everything it plans to do over the next two years, including the release date for FTTB services.

In its new Integrated Product Roadmap, NBN Co estimates that it will have business readiness testing underway for FTTB deployments will happen in Q4 2014, before the initial product release takes place in Q1 2015.

The Integrated Product Roadmap covers a bunch of product, IT, and trial period plans. You should have a read of it here (PDF) if you want to find out what will be deployed when.

This roadmap will also be handy to keep NBN Co and the minister’s office honest when it comes to slipping release dates. [NBN Co]

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