Microsoft Omitted An Important Point In Its Latest Siri Attack Ad

It's a day ending in "y", which means Microsoft is looking to loosen Apple's stranglehold on the smartphone market again. This time it's hammering Siri for not being as awesome as Redmond's new voice assistant, Cortana. But in its haste to crow about how drop-dead awesome it is, Microsoft has forgotten one very important piece of information.

As we've previously mentioned, Cortana won't come out in Australia until some time in 2015. Right now it's only available in the US, with a roll-out to Europe coming next. Australia and broader Asia-Pacific will have to wait, which makes comparing Siri (which is broadly available) to Cortana (which is still in beta) feel a tad disingenuous.

Of course, Cortana can do some pretty cool stuff and in theory has some definite advantages over Apple's Siri assistant. All that means nothing when you can't get it on your freaking phone, however.

Try again, Microsoft.

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