Massive School Of Anchovies Looks Like A Hungry Giant Alien Oil Blob

This big black blob that recently appeared off the San Diego coast looks like the fallout from an oil spill, or an undersea plague coming to haunt humans and probably steal their souls. In reality, it's a massive school of anchovies — harmless enough that people are actually snorkelling through the dark mass of fish.

Apparently the cooler sea temperatures that La Niña's brought to the Pacific Ocean are ideal for the future Caesar salad toppers, but even the team at the Scripps School of Oceanography aren't sure why the school's come this close to shore in this specific spot. And all I know is that the folks who are surfing and swimming around in the crowd are far braver than I — even though those things have little teensy teeth, the creatures that want to eat them probably have a stronger bite.

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