Mashup Art Puts Kaiju Into Classical Paintings

Mashup Art Puts Kaiju Into Classical Paintings

Illustrator and digital artist Oliver Wetter photoshopped Kaiju and other big beasts into classical landscape paintings, mimicking the artists’ styles. He nails the lighting, brush strokes and mood, all hand drawn with a stylus — a skilled tribute to the original painters as well as the cult icons he added.

The original paintings Oliver remixed were from the Hudson River School, a 19th century romantic landscape movement.

Oliver says he was inspired by the thrift store painting movement but that his approach is digital and non destructive, and doesn’t require vandalising original artworks.

Oliver Wetter is a freelance illustrator and visual artist from Germany. He is available for concept art, character driven book cover and ebook illustration. He is also a lecturer at the IBKK art institute in Bochum, Germany, where he teaches digital painting.

You can visit the webpage he runs called Ars Fantasio, read his personal blog and follow him on Facebook.