Looks Like Samsung's Working On A Round Smartwatch Too

Looks Like Samsung's Working on a Round Smartwatch Too

What with Android watches,other Android watches, Tizen watches and fitness-tracker watches, Samsung has tried pretty much everything watch-y. But it's not over yet. Newly found patents make it look like Samsung is also keen on that round style.

The round watch patents were dug up by MobileGeeks, and while patents don't mean a consumer product is definitely inbound, it makes sense that smartwatch-crazy Samsung would be into a round design, even if it might be a bit late to get a piece of the excitement-action Motorola is getting with the 360.

In addition to the round screen, the pattens also include provisions for some sort of gesture control system, and a charging port on the clasp instead of the weird piggy-back devices Samsung's watches use now. Not included, however, is any real sense of style. Granted this is only a patent, so it's not a necessary ingredient at this stage. But without a premium trim, a round display seems a lot more like a novelty, but more choice is good for all of us. [MobileGeeks via Android Central]

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