Is The LaFerrari XX Powerful Enough To Tear Its Own Wheels Off?

You might think that the LaFerrari is powerful enough. The 6.2-litre V12 monster car that retails for a whopping $1.75 million is an incredible machine. Despite the dizzying numbers, however, Ferrari is working on a hardened track model called the LaFerrari XX, which is so powerful it might be able to pull its own goddamn wheels off.

Early track test videos of the LaFerrari XX have been spotted online, and it shows the car producing an ungodly noise as it screams around the bends.

What's interesting though is what happens at 2:20 in the video above: the rear right-hand side wheel gets a severe amount of positive camber from the force of sliding into a corner.

Snapping the wheels off your $2 million hardened track Ferrari would probably make for a bad day. [Jalopnik]

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