iiBabies: iiNet Has A Weird Facebook Game That Lets You Create Baby Portraits

Has anyone checked to see if the social media team at iiNet is OK? There aren't any fumes pumping into that office that might make someone a little dizzy, perhaps? I only ask because there's a new app on iiNet's Facebook page that lets you combine the faces of two people to create the portrait of a future baby.

It's called iiBabies, and it's kind of creepy.

The app lets you select two people, either from existing Facebook photos or via an upload function, and combines them terribly to make a creepy future baby photo.

The whole thing is pretty awkward once you click the submit button too, given that iiNet throws 15 seconds of the most uncomfortable innuendo at you in the form of the video below.


The whole social integration is meant to promote iiNet's new bundle plans which combine internet, phone, TV and (on some plans) mobile.

This isn't the first time that iiNet has got up to online antics. iiNet's social MCs decided it would be a good idea to rap battle social teams from Telstra and Vodafone in full view of the public.

If anyone needs me I'll be seeing what my children with Taylor Swift will look like.

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