How To Find Your Uber Passenger Rating

Are you a nightmare passenger or a perfect scorer on Uber? Find out with this handy tweak.

Update: Aaaaaaaand Uber broke it. Sorry folks. We'll update you again if another way to figure it out is uncovered.

Aaron Landy over at Medium figured out a nifty hack that lets you discover what drivers really think of you on Uber.

All you need to do is log in to the Uber website with your details, open up the console on Chrome and punch in the below code:

if(window.Uber.pingData === false) { location.reload(); } else { alert("Name : " + window.Uber.pingData.client.firstName + " " + window.Uber.pingData.client.lastName + "\nEmail : "+ + "\nPassenger rating is : "+ window.Uber.pingData.client.rating); }

I'm 4.5/5 stars. What a disgrace. What's yours? [Medium]



    A perfect 5. Would be nice if you got some kind of perk for being a high rated customer...

    Go to to try out Uber or Lyft for yourself! The website compares the two most popular ride-sharing services. $30, $25 of FREE ride credit for new passengers and up to $500 sign-up BONUS for new drivers!! Drivers can make as much as $40/hr! Hope you can see what all the hype is about :) Thanks!!

    Finding this rating on your Uber passenger app is really easy, but not quite as easy as finding your rating on theSidecar app

    This is a cool hack for customers, wish you were still able to use it. Maintaining a high rating as a driver also seems to be significantly harder. I have posted on driver ratings at We also have up to date promotion codes for new drivers and tools to help you get started.

    Very useful information, I am curious to see what my rating is. I drive for Uber and have a pretty decent rating, there is an article on how to keep your rating up at

    Apparently you can't see what a passenger rates you when you end a trip with them. Would be very helpful if you could!

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